About Us


With more than 10,000 people from 16 nationalities, we have the cultural diversity that enhances and establishes our commitment to excellence. The OOSC Group values immensely, the contribution and loyalty of its multinational workforce, and has taken every measure to ensure the economic and personal welfare of every person who works for the Group, be it directors or welders.

Our workforce transcends cultural and ethnic differences to come together as a single cohesive energy that emanates team spirit which is actually palpable at any of our work sites. This team spirit can be seen at work right from the top management, down the line to the work force in the field.

Our work force is motivated by real opportunities for growth and culture of self-management with several of the key staff being promoted from within. Beyond employment, we provide internationally recognized training to empower our local staff with specialized skills and enhance their employment potential.

We passionately believe in empowering our people, giving them significant responsibility early in their careers to accelerate growth and offer ample opportunity to shine.